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Learning to Use the Casio fx-260 Solar Calculator

Students practice identifying keys on the Casio fx260 Solar Calculator.
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10/21/2011 I've been wondering on how the functions of the calculator work. right now im, well at least was struggling with this part. Of the g.e.d thank all of you here at Wisc-Online god bless you all souls. yours truly, Charles E. charles eddings

12/3/2009 This page was very helpful, but could be more indepth with it`s examples in solving the problems, but this would be covered in the math page. Thank you for your help.

3/30/2008 Very helpful. Could use more complex calculations though.

10/9/2007 This made using the casio-fx so much easier! Thanks so much! My only suggestion would be to show the calculators more complex problem solving capabilities. Thanks again.

1/20/2004 Very informative

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