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Adding Fractions With Unlike Denominators


Learners follow steps to add fractions with different denominators. They also review fraction concepts, do a drag-and-drop exercise involving fraction terms, and add fractions with common denominators.
Author(s): Tina Dietzman

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10/24/2011 I love this so much it is helping my students a lot they love this so much now they want stay on this..THANKS so much!! Rebacca Jones

1/16/2007 Tina - This is a great learning object. I will definitely use it with my students. cindy Cindy Gibson

4/25/2006 I loved this! Do you have one for simple adding, subtraction, multiply and divide of whole number arithmetic? Marilyn Marshall

4/24/2006 GREAT!! I only found one thing that is confusing. On the practice problems, it asks you to name the multiples of the denominators and hit enter on your keyboard after each number. it didnt work.. i had to reveal the answers to move to the next step. Ill recommend this to my math folks though. Thanks! Rebecca Dunn

4/24/2006 Any time students get to review fractions, it is beneficial. Not sure if the color issue adds to it, but I could assume that there is some research behind colors and learning. Jack Knaack

4/24/2006 Hi Guys Was told about your website only last Friday. I am a Teacher of adults in Brisbane - Australia. I work with Trainees at their workplace, AS well as at a TAFE Institute within classroom settings, facilitating to students from 15 to _____. I also work with students with many differing Special Needs - who have short term memory loss, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, (Autism) Aspergers), ESL, Indigenous and many who I believe have been gifted students who simply "fell through the edication system" as children - many of whom have turned to crime or drugs and subsequently been imprisoned. I am so excited about your site. It appears to be creating the tools which many of these students need - "the important basics" that have been missing from primary education in our computerised age. I am 63, and hope to keep "picking up these students as adults" and letting them know they are not "stupid - useless" enabling or showing them to tools to turn their lives around. CONGRATULATIONS Kind Regards Noelene njohn2@bigpond.com Noelene Hulse

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