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Effective Assessment

Users view effective and ineffective methods of assessing a task. Flight training is used as an example of an area that needs authentic assessment.
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6/7/2009 Enjoyed this, and how true, a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine repeated testing and then piloting a plane. Life is composed of many skill sets, and these are developed through trial and error. Skills, knowledge and abilities combine to form wisdom and to gain the level of a master teacher, just testing without application of the skillset would not prove ability.

7/17/2006 What a great learning object! I will use it in my online course for adjunct faculty. You managed to use a great analogy that was simply stated to get a very important concept across. Ann Hope

1/5/2006 Outstanding and wonderful

3/7/2005 The course that I am working in Education Evaluation. I have always believed that written exams could not measure above knowledge. To determine if someone has a skill we must see them meet observable standards. To see if they can determine when to use the skill in the real world, and if they are able to carry out that skill effectively in the real world, we must construct realistic scenarios for teaching and testing.

12/10/2004 I thought this was a great way to explain assessment.

10/30/2004 This explains with great ease, in understanding the importance for assessment. I may know the book, but the important thing is to know the actual skills involved in a task or process.

9/24/2004 It is very important to do well on tests. Tests help instructors evaluate the amount of knowledge that you may have retained on a particular subject. However it is equally important to evaluate hands on skills and competencies in all areas of study. Through written test and hands on activities instructors can better evaluate your critical thinking skills and ability to peform in your particular area of study.

7/25/2004 There are many forms of assessing a students requirements during the learning process, and also many ways of evaluating his/her depth of understanding afterwards. It is very important to take a skills assessment before undertaking an educational endeavor, so as to gain the most from it. This section was an important reminder that this is a valuable activity.

6/7/2004 I felt the cute video was informative and to the point about being a student again. Hands on is very important in nursing. Linda Goetz

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