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The 12 Cranial Nerves

In this interactive and animated object, learners read a description of the number, name, and function of the cranial nerves. A matching quiz completes the activity.
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4/22/2013 very helpful...good pallavi tiwari

5/4/2011 Very Helpful...I was just in a tutoring session and this seems to have broken it down and now have a better understanding of the 12 Nerves! Thanks a Million maryann davis

3/3/2011 Well everything in this is perfectly done,,nd very easy to understant i think i will have no problems in cranial nerves now. aaron imakando

10/14/2009 Very good review. Im from a different University, and I am studying for my Anatomy midterm, and this was very effective.

9/18/2009 I love this page it really helps with learning A&P. I especially loved the section that teaching learning the cranial nerves. Whomever create this page THANKS ALOT!!! I MIGHT JUST PASS!!!

9/18/2009 This is an excellent site!!! I might actual pass my A&P class. Thanks for posting thins site, and may God bless you..

8/20/2009 fantastic and very good .and it is a great work.really thanks ....

7/26/2009 EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!! It was a great review for my graduate FNP class. I also recommended my daughter who is in anatomy for her RN review it. THANKS!

7/13/2009 Great! thank you very much. Amith liyanage

5/20/2009 Its really designed so ideally which can make the concept clear for learning.

5/19/2009 Incredible.!It really helps to understand me the 12 cranial nerves

4/6/2009 Wow! I really like this discusiion material... it really helps student like me to have knowledge about the 12 Cranial Nerves. Thanks a lot.

3/3/2009 Absolutely perfect material. Thank you

2/25/2009 I found the exercise helpful but the font was to small and difficult to read

2/10/2009 Excellent teaching aid especially the short quiz exercise at the end. David Steiner

1/11/2009 I am a paramedic student who could not keep all of this information straight about the 12 cranial nerves. This tutorial with the little geriatric male really helps out, not only do you get to see where it is on the brain but you also get to see how exactly it functions!! Have been looking for this for quite a while. Excellent site, keep up the good work. Shane Samuelson, TX

11/21/2008 wow! indeed a great educational material! it did helped me in studying the cranial nerves! enx!

11/20/2008 This is very helpful , i really benefited a lot of it ,true that it is general but anatomically speaking its very helpful. Thank you very much. Dr.I Ismail Raslan

11/7/2008 this will really help me on my test. it has every thing i need to know about each nerve.

10/12/2008 Excellent activity. Really great learning tool

9/26/2008 I am a nursing student and this has helped so much in learning the cranial nerves. We all must know them but learning does not have to be hard. Thanks!

9/24/2008 In Biology class we were tested on the names of the nerves, the location, & the functions. Thanks to you I made a 100 A+ on my Biology test. Thanks alot!!!!!!!

8/15/2008 i liked this review, however do you have moretest like this one on neuro?

7/31/2008 Ive been a nurse for 19 years and this tool is by far the best. thanks

7/23/2008 excellent light and refreshing review

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