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Classification of Joints

In this animated object, learners examine the different types of joints and their movements.
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3/27/2008 i m pg student i was searching dis to include in my thesis it realy helped me.thxs

11/17/2005 This siteis extremly helpful even though I was only on it for a short while, I feel I have a better grasp on joints. I strongly believe I will do better on my next test Great site thanks!

7/2/2005 Too brief! I think there is a bit more to clasifying joints than the few bits of information described in this program.

4/25/2005 The classification of joints reinforcement of my knowledge base. It helped to be able to see and view the freely movable joints. Excellent pictures, still & moving.

4/25/2005 The semimovable joints with the still & moving pictures helped to visualize what goes on inside the body with ones joints.

4/25/2005 The bones that do not move but tissue binds at each joint was facinating for me to review. Had not taken a biology class for years. Helps to review & reinforce what one has learned in the past. Will all be helpful with teaching CNAs.

4/6/2005 Its nice

3/5/2005 After reading it and then seeing a picture made it a little easier to understand.

3/3/2005 I find it helpful to have a visual example of the type of joint they are referring to

9/21/2004 Very cool and informative!

9/17/2004 With this illustration I fully understand the different kinds of joints.

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