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Biomolecules The Carbohydrates

Learners read a brief introduction to monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides. The processes for dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis are shown.
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1/24/2009 this is a great learning tool

10/1/2008 great site.

8/23/2008 it is very clear,neat and basic animation.Really it simplifies a students view.good work please add a more higher and detailed version.

5/10/2008 Very good graphic design, but very basic explanation. Please add more animation of molecular structure to stimulate learner mind. WATTANA RATTANAPROM

1/12/2008 I dont like it as it is not what a 12 year old would read it is kinda boring thsnks for some knowledge anyway i still gave it poor

10/10/2007 I had to do a packet with this and it really does make the packet more fun to do!

9/26/2007 This was soo awesome man I mean cool yeah.

9/6/2007 I thought there would be more excersises and not just reading. Matching or some kind of knowledge test would be helpful.

10/6/2006 GREAT

6/16/2006 You should have a narrator speaking at the back. It makes it easier to study then. The rest of the site is perfect. Ive got to learn many things due to this site for my exam. Thankyou!

1/31/2006 Have a short test/review after,possibly as short as 10 questions. Overview is very helpful!

12/4/2005 That was a great learning exercise for me because it told how it is used in life instead of just telling the dictionaary definition

11/30/2005 this site needs to improve alot um i think this could be done by adding media clips instead of slide show clips

9/20/2005 This site has helped me very much on my school work. Everything I had to do on my work sheet was on this site. Thank you very much :)

4/20/2005 thank you!!! perfect!!!

2/20/2005 excellent page! thank you

11/2/2004 Very good communication to students of biochemistry with visualization.

10/23/2004 It is very useful to teach the subject clearly and effectively.

6/1/2004 Very basic explanation - it really simplifies.

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