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Biomolecules - The Lipids

In this animated object, learners examine neutral fats, phospholipids, and cholesterol. The molecular formula and general function for each are shown.
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10/30/2013 I just really wanna say that this helped me so much. I love biology. My name is Amber and this helped me know that I was not adopted Tawnya Figglesworth

7/9/2009 this site made me to learn much and understand lipids

1/24/2009 makes it simplier to grasp the principles.

1/19/2009 Very interestig and understandable

1/3/2009 REALLY EASY TO UNDERSTAND. thank you =)

10/8/2008 This site is remarkably informative and provides a enhanced option for the book. My child was struggling very much and only had a 97% in Bio-1 honors at age 11, so I looked in his text book and found these sites. Now little Johnny has a 109% again, thank you fof this wonderful site.

9/18/2008 This site is awesome! I love to come and check it out after school. Me and my mommy love it and it is soooo educational. GO LIPIDS!

9/18/2008 This is better than Facebook and Myspace combined! Best SITE EVER! I love eating lipids. the fat covered meats,

9/11/2008 this was the best website that I had ever visited. I visit the site everyday after school(yes,I have no social life). I would love to get in touch with others that share my lovefor lipids(go fats!).

5/2/2008 Id really appreciate a bit more on cholesterol and possibly a bit on sphingosine - bit simplistic...

9/4/2007 i love it!!!!

6/27/2007 I have taught biology and chemistry for many years and one of the most difficult topics to explain is the mosaic fluid lipid bilayer and the picture or animation you posted is the perfect way to explain it. I give your webquest two thumbs up Thank you

10/20/2005 i want to know about replacing in lipids and summary about lipids.

5/8/2005 It was pretty good. I really liked the diagrams.

3/10/2005 excellent interactive learning, simple and elegant whilst able to make the impressionable impact of what is being learned.

3/3/2005 Brilliant - thank you so much for producing this excellent resource. I am training to be a teacher and am struggling with learning the biochemistry content as I did not study this module at university. Thanks again for making it all so easy to understand.

1/30/2005 As a high school student, I found this very helpful in reviewing lipids. I have also seen your other flash movies and am impressed. I look forward to possible future movies.

1/20/2005 I am in 9th grade and i just wanted to say that these reviews activities really helped me prepare for my midyear exams. Thank you!

6/1/2004 Makes it simpler to understand

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