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Anatomical Terminology: Relative Position

In this interactive learning activity, learners review the terms used to describe relative position of body parts in order to have a common set of words to describe their position.
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1/22/2013 Wow!! This site is awesome! I was so confused until I found this site! Such a help! :) Caitlin Eells

1/13/2012 This is GREAT stuff. Word needs to get around about this awesome free service. Thank you! Aurek Brillowski

9/10/2009 Love your meiosis/mitosis animations. This quiz is good but would love to see it include terms such as cephalic, sternal, inguinal, crural, etc. instead of ear/foot/leg/etc. Thanks!

8/31/2009 i like this....i love anatomy.

8/28/2009 It did its purpose of providing a good review, but solely a review and would not help a student learn the anatomical positions for the first time.

7/9/2009 Helps you to learn the correct anatomical position of the body. Helps you understand the movement of the human body a little better and the parts of the human body and their location. I think that this is a very good learning part of the lesson and it helps me understand what I am doing better.

1/25/2009 I thought this was absolutely brilliant it taught me an awful lot thank you for your help

11/5/2008 nice and entertaining

9/1/2008 What a great, interactive, and illustrative activity! I loved it! Good work!

3/1/2008 My scores have given me hope. I know I can do this,thank you a million times.

11/29/2007 Wonderful-just picked up my texts for A&P and was a little daunted. The text encouaged extra resources, looks like I found some!

10/14/2007 Very interesting and effective teaching objects.


8/28/2006 I beleive that this whole program is a wonderful learning tool. However, I feel that if it would go to the next question once an answer has been entered it would be better, that way a person only had to hit the next botten when wanting to go on to the next page, or subject

1/3/2006 Excellent review for terms in anatomy. I teach Forensics and this has been an awesome review for my students! Cynthia Wagers

12/16/2005 This is wonderful!!!! margaret johnson

12/12/2005 excellent definition/exercise setup with a comprehensive review at the end. i would highly recommend this for any medical program student. also good general life information for parents Teri Jaeger

12/10/2005 Sorry I didnt want to click on poor, actually Id wanted to click 3 stars, but i guess i should have clicked the third star, instead of going sequentially. The exercises are good for any on to be able to rehearse the meanings of positional words as regards anatomy.good job

12/10/2005 Lovely site,I really like it, but the knee is NOT proximal to the leg! You could say that the knee is proximal to the foot, but the thigh is proximal to the knee! Gillian Kingham

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