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Using "They're," "There," and "Their" Correctly

The student reads examples of the correct usage of "they're," "there," and "their." The student then practices choosing the correct word in an exercise.
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8/31/2012 I used this module on my Smartboard and had the students manipulate the interactive component on the board. It really worked out well! Thank you. Jennifer Ronning

9/29/2009 this is really good now i can remeber there their and theyre

3/13/2009 GREAT Website..after coworkers pick on me about constantly using the wrong verbage..I may finally understand it in a quick fun way !! THANKS !!!

7/7/2008 Now that I have used it Ill get my kids to use it. This is very good.

4/26/2008 This is a common confusing word...thanks for the help...!

9/20/2007 Excellent learning resource. Very easy for students to follow instructions. Clear uncluttered screen with nice intros to each learning item. I used with an E2b ESOL class and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Ive been searching for a while for a resource that combines good animated teaching with ineractive exercises. keep up the good work.

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