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Chemical Formulas


Students read an explanation of chemical formulas in this animated activity. A quiz completes the object.
Author(s): Dr. Martin McClinton
Debbie McClinton

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7/7/2009 This website is great. It actually teaches, so easily. Thnaks you! you did a great job.

3/28/2009 Thank you for a great website. I have only used it once. It was easy to understand for a 1st year student. I will be back.

2/12/2009 thanks my chem teacher made this very difficult. after going through the steps I have hope I will get it thanks

3/28/2006 este trabajo esta interesante por que aparte te ayuda al ingles

3/24/2006 este nuevo sitio es me hace muy bien

2/26/2005 I found this tutorial to be extremely helpful. The step by step sentences added in sequence helped me digest what I was viewing. The quiz comfirms that I actually absorbed the information correctly.

10/14/2003 This is an excellent activity for learning formulas!! I will tell my students about it at the next class.

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