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The Perspectives of Psychology


Students read about the six theoretical perspectives used to explore psychological events and do an interactive exercise.
Author(s): Therese Nemec

See more in Introduction to Psychology

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See more in Introduction to Psychology

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4/3/2009 University of Phoenix BA Science- Psychology I found this to be to be useful so I shared this with my class.

6/25/2007 very useful in clarifying our confusion over so many perspectives. Behaviour genetics and evolutionary were very confusing, now made clear. How come humanistic approach not mentioned at all? is it becoz it is a mix of cognitive and socio-cultural? thanks. the exercise was interesting and reinforcing.

4/12/2005 Interesting...

4/11/2005 The leaning object was helpful because it broke the meaning of the psychological perspectives into one sentence and also it gave a meaning that was easier to understand.

4/9/2005 I found this to be very interesting.

1/29/2005 This was very helpful I am a repetive learner and need something I can keep going over and over till I get it right and this was perfect for me

1/18/2005 This is a little boring, but the information is clear and easy to understand

1/10/2005 I found this was very helpful.

10/12/2004 Kind of fun-very helpful.

10/10/2004 Quite informative. Interesting that I did not realize there were that many different approaches and perspectives to psychology.

8/27/2004 A nice way of learning about behavior.

7/12/2004 This was an interesting exercise.

4/4/2004 I feel this tutorial has helped me alot. I can use this information to help get ready for my test.

4/2/2004 It was a little hard to understand.

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