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Converting Between Gray and Binary Codes

Learners follow steps to convert numbers from Gray code to binary code. They then view steps to change binary values to Gray code numbers.
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3/29/2014 what a explanation.......! this has become my favourite website jahangeer badar soomro

8/24/2013 This is the greatest and easiest method to understand gray/binary interconversion....thumbs up guys. Am impressed! Simbarashe Vhovha

12/29/2012 I would like to give a special thanks to your very useful website. In fact, I was surfing the web to find good information to teach me Gray codes & the way of converting binary to those codes, i should confess the only websites which taught it well to me was your good website, thank you very much and i learned Gray code from you, Amin Shamsollahi

8/19/2012 Thank you for this flash content. It is very easy to understand. Pulak Mondal

5/20/2009 thanks for the effort made by u to clearly understand the concept with great illusion.please continue to help the people like us. srikanth reddy

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