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Science Lab Equipment- Part 1

Students read an introduction to the lab equipment used to contain and dispense chemicals. A quiz completes the activity.
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10/7/2004 I thought it was insightful and easy to follow along.

10/4/2004 I feel the review was nice.

9/28/2004 This a good review of equipment used in the lab

6/10/2004 I found this presentation to be very informative.

1/22/2004 I liked this learning object because it gave you a chance to not only review the wrong answers, but redo the exam.

12/2/2003 This is a great LO. Very important basic info presented well.

9/18/2003 I think this is a great idea to be able to place the name of the item with a visual connection. I believe it helps in the relationship of words and their meanings. Without something to connect a word to, leaves too much room for quessing, this is not an area in which we want to "assume" we are making a good guess. The exercise gives great decriptions of supplies and materials used in lab work.

7/31/2003 good explanations of uses.

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