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Identifying Incorrect Sentences

In this interactive object, learners identify run-on sentences, comma splices, and sentence fragments.
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9/22/2009 This puts the reasons for incorrect sentences in very simplistic terms. Its easy to remember the 3 As, Action, Actor and Ability to stand alone. I like the little questions along the way to test what you just read. Thanks

6/23/2009 I thought that these learning exercises are a great way to really know the correct information about sentence structure. I enjoy that they also quiz you to see if youre understanding the criteria. I myself have a problem with proofing so hopefully I can become better at it. I think these mini exercises will help! Cindy Ellenbecker

1/21/2009 Great review!

8/8/2008 good and great

8/8/2007 Fabulous exercise!!

6/9/2006 My review is entered incorrectly. I thought I would be given the chance to click on as many stars as I wanted, starting from left to right. But instead, as soon as I clicked on the stars to the left the program read my response as disappointing. I actually thought the exercise was very good. I wish I had taken it prior to the short sentence quiz. I would not have made the mistakes I did. Great teaching aid!

12/14/2005 A good review; slightly text heavy in some places.


2/5/2005 I enjoyed the review. It made the exercise clear and easy to understand.

1/27/2005 good review

1/24/2005 i think that the learning exercise was helpful and it was short and uncomplicatied

1/20/2005 Identifying Sentence Errors. This activity was helpful and easy to understand.

9/8/2004 The author was very clear in his examples. I liked the lesson, it gave me the three A theory which was very helpful.

9/8/2004 This program is very informative. It explained every part of the sentence. I would recommend this to other students who have trouble identifying incorrect sentences.

9/7/2004 I thought the activity was short and needed to have a little more challanges in it. I can understand how to do those sentences but the larger sentences I have problems with. I think there should have been larger sentences to work on.

9/7/2004 This is a good little lesson to learn about sentence fragments,run ons and comma splices.

9/7/2004 Very simple stated facts. Easy to read and understand.

9/7/2004 I really enjoyed this exercise about Identifying Incorrect Sentences. I found it amusing the way the author would explain why they were incorrect. When you have something that can make you smile, you seem to be able to absorb it more thouroughly and remember what you learned from it. It was very well written and easy to understand.

9/7/2004 This was very easy to follow and understand. It was also very informative.

9/7/2004 This was a nice review. The exercises and notes were short and to the point. Thank you

9/6/2004 This learning object was very helpful. It explained why each sentence was wrong. It also gave you hints to look for when identifying sentences.

9/6/2004 I liked the learning object because it tells me about different run on sentences

9/3/2004 I think we should do more exercises like these . This seems like an easier way, for me, to better understand.

9/3/2004 I found this to be easy. I did like the way the author used the three a system. it was very helpful to me.

9/3/2004 This is a very good learning object. It is a great way for people to learn basic writing skills.

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