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Diagramming Sentences

Learners study the process used to diagram sentences, and then work through numerous exercises to test their knowledge.
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2/23/2014 Where were you when I was in 6th grade? I would have actually liked English! Lori LaFave

7/1/2011 I think this is fabulous! I'm going to share it with my fellow Grammatical Analysis classmates. Amy Moore

12/16/2009 can you make one with simple ,complex and compound sentences? im having trouble with those and i would really like it if they had one of those like they had this one, and thanks for helping me getting a 100 on my english exam (8th grader)thanks bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/7/2008 I must admit as a special education teacher sometimes things arent as easy as you think they should be, hence diagramming sentences. When I was first saw someone do it , my head swimming.I had to try to pretend that it was easy so the students wouldnt get discouraged.Now with this website it going to be a piece of cake because this is a GOD sent. I can understand it, and it beats any book I ever encounted. Great Tool. LCD projector her we come!10 stars

10/22/2008 This is great. I Showed my teacher it and she loves it. It helped me understand how to do it and i passed my test with it.

10/10/2008 Excellent tool for my students (7/8th) for learning diagramming and solidifying their parts of speech.

11/30/2007 As a teacher struggling to teach inner city kids grammar. This lesson was excellent. I used a smartboard and then the students were able to click and drag with their finger. My students were motivated by this. They were able definitely clarify in their minds nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, using a media that they all loved.

11/8/2007 The Basics of Sentence Structure is an EXCELLENT activity for students to learn sentence diagramming. It provides examples, interactivity, and challenges the student to think to perform the assigned task. Fantastic!

11/7/2007 Thank goodness SOMEBODY still thinks teaching diagramming is important! I would like to see you change a couple of sentences to add extra lines for choices--otherwise they just keep guessing... Sharon Williams

10/23/2007 If you make a mistake (for instance on slide 21 of 33) you have no way to get out of it or to back up. You have to exit the object and start over again. Kara Monroe

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