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Medical Terminology Pronunciation "Jukebox"

The learner listens to the pronunciation of medical terms using a "jukebox" to select the terms.
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8/5/2010 This is one of the best learning tools on the site. It would be a great help if you can have the definition of the word below. Liz Nguyen

7/28/2009 I do like this tool. It would be great though if you had an add on tool that would also give the meaning of the words, it would make it great to listen to to study them, such as when learning to speak a new language, you hear the word then the meaning. Pronouncing the word correctly is great, but not knowing what it means wouldnt help. Just a thougt, i know it would really help me. Thank you

7/21/2009 I have posted the link to this tool for my students. Great tool!

7/17/2009 This is wonderful! I just received a request from a student regarding this very need. I am putting your link on my blog. Thank you soooo much!

7/9/2009 I found this web-site to be helpful as far as pronunciation but some of the words from the study unit were not present.

6/21/2009 I found this very useful and the pronounciation was easy to follow. I will need to refer to this often seeing alot of medical terms I was not pronouncing correctly. This is definitely a good learning tool.

6/20/2009 I found this to be a great learning tool. It will really help boost confidence when pronouncing words and help recognize words too. Thanks a bunch!

6/17/2009 There was no way to type in your word for pronunciation for medical terms.

6/15/2009 I think this was a brilliant idea,and it is great to say the word first ,then play it so you can see how spont on, or off you may be. Thank You,

6/11/2009 This is a very helpful website for students that need help with pronouncing and spelling of Meddical Terminology

5/20/2009 I love how clear and conversational the speaker is. Most recorded pronunciation speakers seem mechanical and monotone. The only improvement I would make is offering a search bar. Some of the terms I was looking for were not listed. Outside of that one constructive criticism, a definite thumbs up and I will be a regular visitor.

5/14/2009 This website is just great. I am a internaltional medical graduate, and i found it very useful for me in my presentation. very clear sound

5/6/2009 The Medical Terminology Jukebox sure seem to stick in my memory. Ive found myself at work repeating the words from the Jukebox in my mind.

5/1/2009 I really really liked this jukebox! It helped me a lot! It was awesome!

4/23/2009 This was very helpful! Hearing the words being spoken really helped give me a better understanding on how to say them properly!

4/22/2009 This is AWESOME

4/16/2009 This is exactly what I needed.

4/16/2009 To hear the words sproken, was more helpful than just reading them.

4/8/2009 The jukebox helps you learn words you would never thought of before. You can use the jukebox rather than using a medical dictionary because it is a medical dictionary.

4/7/2009 I really do like using the jukebox because it really help me with works that I never heard before. It speak each word clearly and it really good to have for a study guide.

4/5/2009 I feel once a person success with the medical terminology you will have a great knowledge of the medical healthcare system and also you can receive a job most anywhere of the world. I feel once a person success with the medical terminology you will have a great knowledge of the medical healthcare system and also you can receive a job most anywhere of the world.

4/5/2009 It is critical to learn the language used by healthcare practitioners It is essentially a vocabulary that requires a uniform pronunciation, definition, and spelling of terms used by professionals. Individuals with medical terminology training are capable of analyzing and interpreting medical reports related to specific body systems. This program is appropriate for adults looking to learn new job skills, refresh or refine existing healthcare knowledge, or improve occupational performance by possessing a better understanding of medical terms. After you learn medical terminology you can identify medical terms and words by their component parts, define the body structure and its systems, cavities.

3/31/2009 This is really awesome! Very helpful for students and professional medical transcriptionists as well!! It would be great if definition is also included though.

3/24/2009 this is great

3/18/2009 This is great if you want to lean how to say to word the right way and look up new words.

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