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Writing the GED Essay - Using Transitional Words

Students study transitional words that will help to them write an effective GED/HSED Essay. In an interactive exercise, students click on the best transitional word or phrase to complete a sentence.
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1/30/2009 thanks you so much for giving me this little practice to get my transition words better.right now i am in the 8th grade and im going in the 9th grade next and i will be needing this alot.thanks again i have learnrd alot.

3/29/2005 I like the info. on learning objects. However, it might be difficult for the student to distinguish between "for example" and "for instance." Also, if youre joining 2 independent clauses with the connector, but, a comma is used, not a semicolon, right? Just wanted to pass along a little info. Good info. as a learning object.

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