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Changing a Decimal to a Fraction

Students explore the steps used to change a decimal to a fraction and learn a method to visually check the fraction for accuracy.
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6/18/2009 This was the coolest website to teach students. It had great step by step instructions! Thanks!

4/5/2009 great explanation, very impressive

11/11/2008 WOW!! Was searching online for a refresher course in changing decimals to fractions and this was the second website I came accross. It has been years since Ive done this and your site made it so easy to understand. Very detailed and helpful. Thanks soooooooo much.

10/7/2008 Very helpful ,very clear explanations

10/7/2008 I looked this up while doing homework, and it helped me get all of the problems right ! Thanks a bunch !

9/17/2008 This was very helpful for me while doing homework and missed a part of the notes from the teacher. Thanks!

5/23/2008 This was a very helpful review, thank you

7/8/2007 I built-in calculator would help. Kay Keenan

1/21/2007 Very helpful and easy to understand.

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