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Needs Vs. Wants

The student reads information about the concept of needs and wants related to building a personal budget. In an interactive activity, the student identifies general purchases as "needs" or "wants" and lists the needs and wants in his/her own life.
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9/2/2009 In this assignment i thought it was a little simple, it was kind of common sense. But its a good start

8/22/2009 Nice to have info for many.

5/23/2009 This was a great interactive process for this marketing class. It helps in self-identyfing true wants and need. Anna Williams

3/21/2008 I think that this exercise does shows how we sometimes take things for granted.We sometimes want more than what we can really afford,and we end up leaving things that we really need to the side.

10/13/2005 I disliked that this site took for granted such things as computers and sporting goods were wants. I need a computer for both school and work. (I am an online student and a free-lance writer.) You should allow people to place their own items into the boxes that are appropriate for their life.

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