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How to Convert from One Unit to Another in the Metric System

Students complete two exercises to practice converting from one metric unit to another.
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2/20/2009 great i finally am beginning to understand thank you so much so much to learn and for the olderstudents like me it can be harder

6/20/2008 very helpful. i can use this in my class... thanks!

10/22/2007 When you are finished with the cross word puzzle, you cant check the answers like it tells you to do.

10/1/2007 very helpful site. The interactive activities were useful and informative.

7/12/2007 The first review exercise was good. Crossword never checked answers and told me if I had any wrong. Might want to include abbreviations on steps, as I couldnt figure out the difference between dam and dm, until I thought about it for awhile...

1/11/2007 Well done. The staircase approach is conducive to grasping the concept. Nice inter-activity.

6/24/2006 the conversion was so easy. I suggest to have more difficult conversion.

2/3/2005 I finally found a site that help me understand converting one unit to another in the metric system. This was a life saver.

10/24/2003 Excellent strategy. I am looking for information to include in a math class for a summer camp. We will definitely use this idea.

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