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Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators

In this animated and interactive object, learners view two examples of how to subtract fractions with unlike denominators and then work five similar problems.
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12/16/2009 i think this is an excellent way to learn, it teaches u step by step

5/8/2009 I would like to thank the author Bill Truttschel and the developer for this website. Im currently a college student and this might sound funny, I didnt remeber how to subtract fractions and I explored the entire web looking for a site that teaches you how to solve problems like these in a easy way with detail steps and this was the only site out of millions that actually explains it in detail and gives you problems to try along with it. Relearning how to subtract unlike fractions was easier then i could remember. Thank you!

5/4/2009 This website for fractions is EXCELLENT. My younger cousin was having trouble with his fractions and this website really helped us out. Thank you.

5/28/2008 I think this learning activity was great. I havent been in a classroom in YEARS and my child came to me with unlike denominators. I was lost! With the step by step instructions, my daughter and I understood immediately. There was no need to Dial a Teacher and wait for a response. Thanks.

5/15/2007 This is a terrific lesson on common denominators. Carole Schroeder

1/28/2007 Very Cool Bill and Amy. Truly a tool for cutting edge curriculum development. Steve Belville

1/26/2007 Very clever and fun! You should definitely do more of these on other topics!

1/26/2007 This was great to help an old mind like mine work. It actually made sense. Thanks for the challenge.

1/25/2007 Students in my health careers math course are telling me they really like this tutorial (and Ms. Mathy :-) I hope to find more like this! Laurence Stone

1/22/2007 Nice job Bill (and Amy). Are there any plans for doing examples like this related to trigonometry problems? Mike Michael Biro

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