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The Cell: Passive Transport Osmosis

In this animated object, learners examine water molecules moving through a semipermeable membrane.
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8/5/2009 THank you for the nice overview on Osmosis.

11/22/2008 this actually helped me too.. im so ready for my test =] thanks for making this

10/19/2008 Wow this totaly helped me>

10/16/2007 I am teaching an E.S.E. Biology class and this site is perfect for them....THANK YOU

1/26/2007 I thought that this web slide show was absolutely wonderful. It completely informed me about cells, and osmosis. The visual effects helped me understand what was really happening in osmosis and it showed me what it was.

1/26/2007 I think that this site is very informative for students and science teachers in training, like me.

1/26/2007 I am just simply a viewer of this site and I did not rate it 5 stars. I thought that this site should be rated only 3 stars in my opinion because, it does not give very good visual effects. I have been experimenting many science sites but I give it this much its helped me understand things more verbally.

11/30/2006 I am a student that recently used this site and I thought the quality was excellent. Thank you.

7/3/2006 the topic is explain well and clear.

2/28/2006 this was cool...ya...

1/31/2006 very nice i think bye

1/31/2006 it was hard to understand and i feel a waste of my time

1/17/2006 thank you from London (UK). it was most helpful.

9/29/2005 Es war sehr gut


10/26/2004 I like the visual aids

9/24/2004 This is very interesting.

9/18/2004 Movie was great visual aid.

9/13/2004 This helped me to better understand the loss and gain of water in a hypertonic or hypotonic solution

9/10/2004 I am fascinated about the transport process. At first I could not figure out how this happens but with visual illustration it was easier for me to understand this process

9/8/2004 The pictures do help to explain the different situations.

9/5/2004 I found the power point presentation a very effective learning took especially for someone who understands better using the visual method. Thank you Shirley

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