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Transport Processes Requiring ATP

In this animated object, students observe how ATP energy is used to move substances across the cell membrane from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration and when something too large needs to get in or out of a cell.
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9/11/2009 This activity along with the worksheet we were forced to do was quite informative. The website was unique and refreshing for easy learning and understanding. It was much better then the more conventional way of learning it. By showing models and looking at the subject more in depth, you have aided the learning process. Thank you and I look forward to seeing what more the developer has to offer.

1/7/2009 This is a really great site. It really helped me understand Active Transport and stuff. I really like the picture you use for the active transport, could I use it for a lab I have to write? It wont let me copy and paste so maybe you could email me the picture? Thanks so much. This website rocks!

10/30/2008 THIS IS SO COOL

10/8/2008 THis site was quite helpful, except for the fact that it was quite short. it helped me out quite a lot. quite.

12/19/2006 The overall quality was decent, but it lacked length and didnt go into great detail.

11/14/2006 active transport involves the use of proteins and we cant talk about that without talking about sodium and potassium.

1/18/2006 I found this sight to be of the utmost quality. The graphics helped to better convey the messages and definitons of active transport. These definitions were also the most understandable out of all that i have see thus far. thank you

9/21/2005 This was extremely helpful, thank you very much.

9/21/2005 GREAT

2/19/2005 PRETTY NEAT

2/19/2005 This was very helpful-- Thanks for having it available

11/18/2004 The animations were very helpful in explaining and demonstrating Exocytosis, pinocytosis, phagocytosis, endocytosis and receptor mediated cytosis.

11/18/2004 This is the simplest and best presentation that I have found on the web. My students are going to love it

11/1/2004 I enjoyed this slide show of cellular activity. It is done very well and is very affective

10/26/2004 Nice

9/18/2004 Very informative!!

9/10/2004 It is refreshing to view how ATP can aid in the transport large molecules that are too big to enter cell by diffusion. The visual illustration was a big help in understanding the process.

6/11/2004 The learning objects are helpful, but they would be evenbetter if they included a quiz on the material at the end. Q&As are always helpful in confirming that you really know what you just reveiwed.

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