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Identifying Eukaryotic Animal Cell Organelles

In this animated object, learners are introduced to the structure and function of animal cell organelles.
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4/13/2009 Thnx =) your web site helped me a lot!

11/9/2008 In my science class i have to do a cell brochure about an animal or plant cell.Your website helped me understand more about the cell and whats it made p of thankyou very much!!! TWo thumbs up!!!

10/9/2008 Very impresive design but the animations could have been better

10/28/2007 I love this site!!! I will recommend it to all the children of my reaserch parteners. We are in antartica, and i loved your site. Thanks alot, every one here says thanks too!!! Man is it cold here!!!

12/8/2006 This was an excellent tool I going to get an A+ on my assignments now.

6/21/2006 helped a lot

4/15/2006 this is a very useful stie the pic and labeling are great!

11/7/2005 Wow! This is one of, if not THE best Ive ever seen. I LOVE IT!!!

10/28/2005 Its entertaining and teaches a lot!

10/4/2005 Amazing site..

9/28/2005 it was very interresting to look and read all the information about this cell

9/6/2005 this cell structure animation was really interesting. i learned a lot from it...honestly, it taught me more than what my teacher has been trying to teach...great work and keep it up!!!

9/5/2005 today I learn more about the plant and animal cell. how they function and their differences.

5/3/2005 Loved it! Since we have completed the cell, I am looking forward to using it next year with my Bio students.

5/3/2005 Very exciting. It will be a great activity for students

5/2/2005 Nice but it needs more detail...of the processes that take place within the cell.

3/14/2005 great

2/5/2005 Dear, Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! This is all I can say. Youve done a fantastic job. I use it as a reference/summary after teaching my students the various cellular organelles. Thank you very much for designing such a wonderful flash programme for we teachers. David Cheung

12/15/2004 Barbara, Your graphics and materials are very well done. Liked it a great deal and will show it in class today. Bob Ryshke

10/28/2004 It was very good

10/15/2004 I feel the review was hepful and very useful.

10/2/2004 Awesome helped me alot

9/18/2004 This was a wonderful teaching tool. It really allowed me to see the cell in action! Thank You

9/15/2004 I am an educator, and in the past I've used cellsalive.com to review cells with my students. Found this on a search and was impressed. The only suggestion I would make (to keep high school students on-task) would be to have a little interactive quiz at the end of it.

8/11/2004 Excellent learning tool. I teached advanced higher biology in Scotland to pupils and will definitely be referring them to your site. Do you have other resources like this? Sarah

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