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The Two-Neuron Knee-Jerk Reflex Arc

In this interactive object, learners examine the neuron pathway into and out of the spinal cord. They complete the activity by testing their knowledge of vocabulary and the location of spinal cord structures.
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5/9/2008 What a nice little explanation!

4/29/2008 I like the matching quiz at the end. Nice animation of the reflex as well. Sara Hamilton

1/14/2007 this is the best thing since sliced bread. no kidding. THANKYOU WISC-ONLINE !!!!

9/7/2005 This was very helpful. It helped me understand neurons and their function.

8/23/2005 I like the presentation. Its very simple and easy to understand.

10/21/2004 This was a good experience and it helps out alot with studying for chapter test.

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