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Skin and the Integumentary System

Learners examine the structure and function of skin including the production of melanin.
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12/12/2012 Information is very superficial. it does not explain what kind of cells are skin cells (epithelial). how many rows of cells are in epidermis. How are epidermis cells formed (bottom to top). No information on keratin. deepak bhatia

2/7/2011 Granted it showed the information but I wasn't really impressed. We were told that this was an optional tool to use for our assignments. It was good to see the pictures, but other than that, I was thinking it might have some questions to see if you learned anything. Doesn't seem like this has been used much as the last person who commented on this was from like 2009, it's now 2011. Barbara Eckes

9/27/2009 Your description of the skin and all its parts, I thought was very good. And quick to learn, thanks for your information.

6/18/2009 You can barely read the definitions when you highlight the items Don Morris

4/14/2009 the best learning page ever! sean rodriguez

9/11/2008 I love this cite and will tell other classmates. The cite is very helpful for me. Really help me clearly understand and love the view picture off to the right. loveit loveit.

9/11/2008 I made a big mistake and rated the cite poor. sorry. please mark it excellent. labtop sensitive.

8/11/2008 Gtreat visual training aid; simple.

4/8/2008 I Think this was a very teriffic way to deminstrate the integumtary system i like pictures and its way easier to follow keep up the good work maybe you should do the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM!

2/27/2008 this was a very good learning tool.

2/11/2008 Your diagram was very informative and detailed. Thank for making it available to me. Sarah Blount

2/1/2008 it would be nice if this slide show had sound

5/10/2007 it helped me with my project for school and its easy to understand......

2/28/2007 interesting also , helped with skin analysis

2/26/2007 educational to my advantage

5/10/2006 I changed my mind this site is definitely a four I missed the VIEW on page three, very nice!

5/9/2006 It started out pretty fun and then the second one not so much but the last one with the diagram was nice.

3/21/2006 I appreciated this - Im a student at the Aveda Institute and always appreciate visuals for what were learning from textbooks!

3/9/2006 It was way to simple. No detail.

3/3/2006 i think it is very useful for the students

12/11/2005 Outstanding, it helped me to finish my science project and get a good grade! Thank You, Thank yo. Once agian THANK YOU! You totally RULE! Good Job Guys! see ya around.

10/4/2005 I enjoyed the skin and integumentary system demonstration but I had trouble reading the fine print. Thank you.

4/28/2005 I really liked this site. I have to do an anatomy project and this is really going to help thank you.

3/8/2005 I think it was good infomation, but lacking attention grabbing accessories.

2/26/2005 I found this review easy to comprehend. The integumentary system (skin) has many layers and it is interesting how each one has its own job to do.

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