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The Anatomy of the Heart

In this animated and interactive object, learners identify the valves and chambers of the heart.
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2/28/2014 hmmmm, quite intersting, yessss ummmmmm, the animations are well, yolo swaggins

9/21/2012 This will help my friend and I in our EKG Monitor class. what a useful tool. Molly Gutierrez Molly Gutierrez

11/29/2010 Found this very useful...I am a qualified fitness instructor currently studying level 3 in Anatomy,Physiology and Pathology and Pilates. sarah vaughan

6/20/2010 Excellent Job.... Thank you for this game/slide :) i love it Martina Lagaras

5/26/2010 The diagram of the heart was very good and the tools were a very good aid to learn with than you! Jason Davis

9/23/2009 EXCELLENT

8/19/2009 I really like this program it really helps you understand the flow of the blood through the heart

6/5/2009 Thanks a lot it is excellent! hatice kara

4/3/2009 Thank you! This is great for my 5th graders to use!

4/1/2009 Wow. i was trying to look for interactive heart websites to help me w/ my homework and this really did the job. it had EVERYTHING i was looking for. =) thank-you

2/16/2009 Great learning tool. I will use it for my 8th grade Anatomy unit.

1/20/2009 I really like this program it really helps you understand the flow of the blood through the heart

5/5/2008 excellent!!!! I wish there where other similar activities for other parts of the body...

7/18/2007 your website is amazing!

11/21/2006 thank you!!It took me a couple of times to get it right, but at least I had the chance to do it as many times as needed.

5/19/2006 it was a great resource! thanks!

5/2/2006 I loved this animation! Without I would have failed my test... It was the only one I found that detailed correctly in a clear way how the blood circulates through the heart. The only thing I would reccomend is giving you the option of slowing down the process, because I had to study it a while in order to comprehend the movements. Thank-you!!

2/19/2006 exelent

2/19/2006 exelent

2/19/2006 I found this site very very very very useful in my studies. thank you so much for providing me with this piece of information.

2/10/2005 Thank you. I am a student and found this not only helpful but fun and interesting.

12/12/2004 This is a good basic review for beginning nursing students who have not had A & P in awhile. The different motions are very stimulating.

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