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An Overview of Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation

In this animated and interactive object, learners examine how blood flows through the heart and lungs. A brief quiz completes the activity.
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7/21/2010 Thank you so much for developing such a useful tool! Very useful in conjunction with a smart board to get the lesson across! Anne Maxwell

7/15/2009 Thank you! This just added a more visual learning after reading the book. It made it so much easier.

4/28/2009 Awesome! Completed this tutorial once and i understand it better than reading all those text books. UGH THX!!

8/16/2008 This is a super cool tool. I loved it. Found it highly educational.

11/21/2006 Cool!! this really helped me!!!

7/31/2006 Useful for teaching circulatory system

11/9/2005 Thanks for the help. Easy to understand and very informative. Thanks again.

10/14/2005 i think this tutorial is excellent. i was looking at the blood flow animation on one of the initial screens. i think it could be made a little slower. it is quite difficult to catch the direction of the blood flow.

5/28/2005 A very informative and precise tool to use to explain the flow of blood through the heart. Patricia Stiles

4/13/2005 This helped me to identify the parts of the pulmonary system.

4/1/2005 It would be nice to be able to have a button that could slow down the process of blood flowing through the heart if the learner needed to watch this process in "slow mode"

10/25/2004 Very helpful overview of mechanics involved in blood flow

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