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The Four Types of Chemical Reactions

In this animated object, learners examine synthesis, decomposition, exchange, and reversible reactions.
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5/20/2009 I thought this was very helpful, but you could have added examples for us to do bob bob

10/18/2008 wow i learned alot is is a great way to look a chemical reactions ......................................................................

8/17/2007 this is great

8/17/2007 this is goin to help u

6/22/2006 it was nice

6/2/2006 Very helpful great!

5/2/2006 good

4/25/2006 this sight rocks!!! i learned lotts!!!

3/12/2006 This was very helpful and interesting. It was short and SIMPLE to understand. Thanks.

1/16/2006 This website has been very handy and has enabled me to understand the basiscs of the types of chemical reactions.

5/7/2005 very good

4/14/2005 very nice movie and doesn't waste time

3/6/2005 good!

2/26/2005 I enjoy your animation on the 3 types of chemical bonds. It is very well written and also entertaining. Thanks for creating such an efficient animation!!

2/10/2005 ok fine

11/1/2004 Good Job! Thanks for the fun tutorial. Jamie

10/2/2004 AWESOME stuff, kids love it! Really helps make it real and they understand it soooo much better. Thanks for sharing

9/18/2004 It was great! I learned a lot from it. Thank you for taking your time to make it. :)

8/23/2004 I liked this lesson. "4 Types of Reactions" and "The Four Types of Chemical Reactions" appear to be the same lesson. This is extremely helpful. Thank you.

6/1/2004 Great review/refresher it simplifies.

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