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Protein Synthesis

Every protein molecule of an organism is synthesized by that organism in a prescribed process. This activity helps students understand the fundamental life process of making protein.
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3/10/2014 Totally awesome! I absolutely loved this website...im a total nerd when it comes to genetics and protein synthesis. Abigail Williams

2/2/2012 This really breaks the system down so people can understand it better. I think it's a great learning tool. Morgan Lepak

11/14/2009 This is an excellent virtual model which help reinforce the concept of protein syn without overwhelming the novice but helping the intermediate learner.

10/8/2009 I felt it was too complicated compared to the books. It should be kept simple.

9/15/2009 My teacher makes me learn this even though it is NOT in the syllabus... Anyway, this is just what I have been looking for

7/30/2009 Very good animation, can be easily understood.

6/22/2009 Excellent work. Easily understandable and can be visualised when sitting a exammination. Thank you

6/16/2009 This is a resourceful learning tool everyone will find useful and will gain new knowledge.

5/14/2009 this is a good study guide for the up coming hsa test in maryland

5/12/2009 thid helped me so sooo muchh!!! thankk you so muchh!! =)! im gunna try to do so good on my test on genetics on friday! thank u so muchh!! i didnt get this concept in school and now i do! =)

4/22/2009 This way of showing how protein synthesis occurs is a really beneficial way to learn. I found it to be extremely helpful and now finially understand it!

3/19/2009 I find this DNA Webquest about mRNA and t-RNA a very well made video and has all the information needed for students to learn about DNA. I would reconmend this video to be used by other teachers all ov

2/20/2009 It is the best animation video to learn protein synthsis,before wathching this,I had an impression that its a complicated process,but this video,removed all my doubts about protein synthesis.cheers!

2/20/2009 This was fantastique!

2/5/2009 This helped me so much, it answerd alot of my questions. I think every teacher should show this to their students it makes it less complicated. Thank you very much.

1/28/2009 This animation is an excellent animation to help set in motion the things that I teach my sophomores. I use many illustrations and have them create them as well, but seeing it in motion helps glue the pieces together. Thank you. Mindy Gatrell

1/28/2009 I have found this explanation both simple to understand, and in depth enough to make sense of the 300 level Neuroscience class I am taking. The book I paid $143 for comes NOWHERE close to the clarity this did. Now, my only questions are --- where can I get the rest of this series, and was my text printed in Gold? If not, it was a rip off.

1/26/2009 wow! this is a very good illustration of the protein synthesis, it gave me the whole idea of what is really happening in the process of protein synthesis. Thank you

1/17/2009 Very helpful and informative but Id suggest turning the volume down

1/15/2009 luv the sound effects

1/6/2009 This guide help me understand what my teacher taught me in class. It made what he was saying make much more sense with the pictures and captions above.

1/3/2009 im very happy right now,bcoz i understand this concept well..

12/19/2008 A great slideshow that shows how protein synthesis works and how it is relevent to genes.

12/17/2008 wow!! this really helps too understand these concepts. I was having a hard time before, but now, i get it!

12/4/2008 great work totally tubular radical presentation dudes cha

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