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Muscle and Connective Tissue

In this colorful and interactive object, learners examine the structure and function of muscle and connective tissues. A quiz completes the activity.
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9/22/2011 I am the Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher at Troup High School in LaGrange, Georgia. I just love these learning objectives. They are perfectly suited for my students. They enjoy the online experience. Graphics are excellent and they are easy to observe. Dr. E. Charles Carter

10/20/2008 This learning object is clear and really gets to the heart of why each tissue is so important. The photographs of the tissues are fairly clear. Great quiz at the end! Amy Kochensparger

9/12/2006 this is very nice. you guys make studying much easier and more fun! thank you very much! ^_^

3/6/2005 Barbara Liang explains everything from lipids to collagen simply and effectively. I understand more from the animations and brief commentary then if I read it from a text book. The mini test was great too!

10/14/2004 This was a great lesson, it helped with the tissues also.

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