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Red Blood Cells

In this animated and interactive object, learners examine the red blood cell's life cycle and function. A brief exercise completes the activity.
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1/14/2009 thankyou for helping me with my home work i love this site because it helped me understand red blood cells thankyou

10/11/2007 thanks a million for all the effort you do for all the students.

2/13/2007 I am studying very complicated texts right now that go on and on about both RBCs and WBCs. But just these 2 exercises put all the info together and made it so clear. A light bulb went on in my head after reading these 2 exercises. Thank you!!

10/5/2005 The LO is great! I didnt realize how to rate it and mistakenly gave it a poor rating. Im sorry. It is a wonderful LO and I will use it in my medical assistant classes. Thanks Candy Dailey

4/15/2005 I really liked this exercise.

2/4/2005 I didn't understand anything about white blood cells, until I came apon your nicely active matching games which helped orgenize that difficult subject in my mind :)

2/2/2005 Beautifully done

2/1/2005 This site is great!! Simply Splendid!!! Keep up the good work!!

9/28/2004 Lots of info!

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