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White Blood Cells

In this animated and interactive object, learners examine the structure and functions of granulocytes and agranulocytes. Two exercises complete the activity.
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9/22/2009 GREEEAT!!!! I love this site thanxs

9/1/2009 Taking anaomy 2 can be difficult, this help me out by making cells easy! Thanks tiffany fitzpatrick

8/5/2009 I realy enjoyed this exercise. Thank you for making it so simple

6/15/2009 I am using the lessons on RBCs & WBCs to train disability examiners. It is a great, fun way to approach the lesson! Thank you.

5/25/2009 it was gud....

5/12/2009 Am an RN in LTC and was surfing web for refresher on wbcs. This was great. Simple and basic.

2/22/2009 Excellant. Very good.

2/2/2009 I like te website, very helpful to understand the concepts and majors terms wit the pictureque.

12/17/2008 This web site was really cool I think it will help me in A & P 2. Thank you Tommie

10/23/2008 This was fun and enlightning, I will certainly remeber more. I am doing pre-requisites for RN and found this helpful.Thanks!

10/23/2008 Thie is simple and very good please do more of this kind of work with other aspect of biology

9/25/2008 i think i learned alot about cell "thank you"

7/3/2008 This was a very helpful review. The pictures explain how each WBC type differs in a way that makes it easier to remember. In addition, the interactive quiz and games help to put the knowledge to immediate use in order to help retain the information gained.

2/14/2008 thanks for your excellent web site dr omidi director of pathology department of mashhad medical science university

10/11/2007 thanks a lot-it was fun and educational.

10/7/2007 Absolutely wonderful tutorial on WBC. Thank you for making it so simple!

4/15/2005 I really enjoyed this exercise. It helped me understand the cells better.

10/1/2004 This activity was very good at explaining the role of WBCs in our body.

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