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Glucose Metabolism for the Endocrine System

In this interactive object, learners read about the seven hormones that help regulate blood glucose. A quiz completes the activity.
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6/2/2006 simlpe easy to understan an uncomplicated the writing is a bit hard to read

4/3/2006 omg!!!! i love this animation it is so perfrect for me to learn everything i missed while i was gone from school every day!!!! omg!!!!!

1/18/2006 Great concise review of hormones involved on glucose metabolism. Only problem- the font is very difficult to read.

4/30/2005 Love the information and the quizzes, but the font you used is hard to read on the endocrine hormone section.

4/24/2005 Great information

11/20/2004 Easy to understand explanations...one of the better animations on the site..

9/29/2004 This is a very interesting topic. I am amazed as how SS inhibit the insulin and glucagon hormones. Before I read about this topic, all I know is that hormones function independently of one another.I am wrong.This is very thoroughly explained.

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