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Anatomy of the Ear

The student identifies the anatomical parts of the ear and learns the purpose and function of these parts. A review follows the lesson.
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3/30/2013 Amazing material. Thank you Maher Elnashrty

12/8/2009 This site made it very easy and understandable when it came for me to learn the anatomy and physiology of the ear. THANKS A MILLION, I am grateful

11/4/2009 This was an OUTSTANDING demonstration! I wish that was in the books that I have studied....

10/10/2009 lol.mind blowing lectures .i love it.thanx for making me clear about ear anatomy kamran hussain

7/5/2009 veryyyyyyny helpfull...thnx

4/26/2009 Thanks so much!!!! This was very helpful!

2/26/2009 I came upon this site not too long ago. My students found that it was very helpful in their studies of the ear. Personally, I really like how each structure is highlighted as you study it. I like the descriptions given and the functions are clearly stated. I had my students report back to me how they did on the provided quiz. Scores ranged between 7-10.

1/28/2009 thank you it is very nice and easy to quick understtand

1/23/2009 Excellent learning tool. Even for a nursing student!!! Mateki Aumoeualogo

1/19/2009 i really enjoyed during studying for the first time very nice work thanx a lot for making it free

12/13/2008 thankyou! absolutely fantastic!! great job!!! very useful tanveer dhillon

10/22/2008 a really nice piece of work. it is real easy to understand. thank you.

10/13/2008 this link helped me alot to understand the main parts of the ear

9/27/2008 Thank you for this simple and effective help which I think , it is recommended for every student who will study ear for the first time, thank u again.

9/27/2008 This is a great site to practice anatomy. It was a great help before a test!

7/5/2008 This site was great but you could add quiz.Other than that i loveved this site.

6/3/2008 thank you. I foud this a useful visual aid to learning.

6/3/2008 Excellent graphics! So easy to understand how the ear functions. Very helpful in teaching young children.

6/2/2008 Nice site giving step by step beautiful explanation and in a beautiful manner.

3/26/2008 Nice job! This is a very good explanation ear anatomy and workings. Though, I would like to see some more detail on the cochlea describing how the channels function and nerve impulses are stimulated.

2/5/2008 This is a great site, I really had a great time using it.

1/26/2008 thank you for the special identification & ahuge easier topics,we need more specific & deep specialty in the organ with regards Abdulhadi

11/16/2007 Sweet presentation. I accidently hit the wrong rating just a couple of minutes ago! Very well done and very user friendly. Thank you.

11/15/2007 a nice site to learn the basics of ear anatomy.

10/24/2007 Excellent teaching tool, clear diagrams, good to be able to have questions as well.

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