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Respiratory Basics


In this animated and interactive object, learners examine ventilation, external and internal respiration, and gas transport.
Author(s): Wendy Dusek

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See more in Anatomy and Physiology I

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5/13/2009 LUV IT

1/6/2009 this is very well writen and it is a very, very big help on my science.

3/10/2008 This was very interesring and was agreat thing for me to learn. Now i know how the lungs really function and how the air travels through the lungs

5/15/2007 This is excellent for intro to topic on respiration.

4/16/2007 this is very GOOD

6/7/2006 Hi there...I just want to say that your site helped me with my exams and i acually got a A+, 100%!! And i am so totally serious!! So thank you very much and keep up the good work!! Thanks again... Amber

6/6/2006 Hi there, this site helped me through my science test this semester. Without it I would have been lost in the test and probably failed. I got an A! This site is really good.

4/19/2005 It is very basic and easy to understand. It is a LOT better than the book we are using!

4/1/2005 Nice use of Flash. The topic is informative as well.

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