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Anatomical Terminology: Body Regions

Students identify the various regions of the human body through drag-and-drop exercises.
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1/21/2014 So helpful study tool! Very nice job! Thank you for helping us, great website!!! Mell Ramirez

1/15/2014 Great practice tool, helps to solidify the information learned. Christine Klingsten

8/31/2009 This is an awesome study tool! My teachers been gone for a minute... This is a great way to remember what she taught before she left! It even helped me on some worksheets she left for us to complete! Thank you so much for this wonderful site!!! Do you have something explaining orientation and directional terms as well?

8/22/2009 Great memory trigger, last page was a mystery, maybe my computer, or maybe the operator, never-the-less EXCEPTION PRATICE.

6/7/2009 this was a excellent study helper for me since my exam is tommrow it really helps u brush up!! thanks

2/16/2009 This is great. Quick way to learn.

2/4/2009 Well put together exercise. God bless! Thanks for the work well done.

2/1/2009 This is amazing... are there more like this?

1/23/2009 Very useful in learning the terms and location by site of the various parts of the body.

1/14/2009 This program really helps with memorization and learning the terms needed in this course.

1/14/2009 I highly recommend this review. It is great!

11/17/2008 it gives a big help to a student who wants to learn the baody regions but at least you could give me its functions in advance...

10/4/2008 I have learned many different body parts today. However I knew most of them the exercise was very helpful.

10/2/2008 I thought this was a vey helpful link. I have done it so many times that I now can do the whole thing without making one mistake. I agree though, that it should be a bit more challenging.

9/14/2008 this program is awesome!

9/13/2008 great study activity, helps alot. and even learned a few more.

9/9/2008 I thought that this text type quiz was very helpful

9/1/2008 Awesome tool for reviewing! Interactivity helps to make it interesting. Much easier than merely looking at a book.

6/28/2008 its great!!!

2/6/2007 i think this is an excellent learning activity!! it does need to be a little more challenging!!

1/17/2007 Repetitious and a great way to review vocab without having to refer to flashcards. For me, it is easier to learn visually, with the human body on the screen vs memorizing a bunch of words in bland text.

11/16/2006 really great! im learning!!! lezette arada

3/24/2006 good drill & practice

3/1/2006 Great review! Cynthia Sebastiani

2/28/2006 This is a very thorough review! On the overall review at the end I would suggest that the human image be larger. I find it difficult to follow the blue lines to the spot on the image. Also, the sequence of the items should be jumbled more, most followed down the line and wasnt enough of a challenge. Laura Lien

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