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The Organization of the Human Body: Body Cavities

In this interactive object, learners examine the locations of major body cavities and their protective membranes. A drag-and-drop exercise completes the activity.
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2/8/2010 Learning the material is one thing, recalling the information is another! the exercise at the end really solidifies the knowledge. Mariane-Doane Magbanua

10/26/2009 This just gave me the basics which is exactly what i needed. It was very easy to understand. I like the little test at the end and would not mind if there were more questions. I am copying the page to send to my class mates I think they would appreciate it. Thanks to whoever made this page it was very helpful.

9/12/2009 I loved doing the activities on this site, They have helped me so much. Thank you

1/14/2009 Gives the student a way to test their understanding of the material presented in the text and to go back and review if need be.

1/7/2009 The excercise was great. Im actually taking a course in anatomy and physiology and this site really helped. Thanks Barbara.

9/4/2008 Great diagram was clear and mad it easy to remember.

8/11/2008 Excellent learning tool! Will recommend it to my students.

1/23/2008 It is a great activity. Really helful as a learning or study tool.

10/2/2007 While studying for my A&P exam I came across this site. It was quite helpful and informative. Great job!!

10/2/2007 While studying for my A&P exam I came across this site. It was quite helpful and informative. Great job!!

8/25/2007 Nicely done! I think the interactive portion is a great way for students to check their understanding.

7/15/2007 Found this site to be very useful. I needed an in depth look into the body cavities and this site provided it for me.

2/20/2007 Wow! Let me tell you, this website is going places. I am on this website 24/7, I missed work because of this thing. Basically if this site closes down I dont know how I will continue in my life. I mean its just game over, you know?

2/20/2007 This is the best anatomy and physical website i have seen in ages! I highly appluade the person who developed this amazing site. God bless you and thank you! This site has changed my life!

4/27/2006 good job! One suggstion would be to re-think the text and background colors... hard to read at times. thanks ! cd

4/26/2006 A very well done interactive learning aide. I liked the moving next button because I did have to continue to pay attention to where I was and refocus on the next slide.

4/26/2006 Good work!The diagrams are clear and the anatomical info useful.It is helpful if there are additional diagrams to show the difference among serous, parietal and visceral parts as they are easily confused.Thank you.

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