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Body Sections and Divisions of the Abdominal Pelvic Cavity

In this animated activity, learners examine how organs are visualized in three dimensions. The terms “longitudinal,” “cross,” “transverse,” “horizontal,” and “sagittal” are defined. Students test their knowledge of the location of abdominal pelvic cavity organs in two drag-and-drop exercises.
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8/19/2010 Hi! My name is Amber Lonsinger & Wisc-Online has been the best A&P site I could ever ask for as a young learner. Thank you for 'learnanatomyphysiology.com' for introducing me to this wonderful site. I will be sure to tell the other students! Amber Lonsinger

8/17/2009 I never knew how easy this was until this learning activity. Thank you!

2/7/2009 This site was a tremendous help to me. I clearly understand the body planes now. I have a exam coming up and this has been really really helpful.

2/15/2006 Nice review and practice

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