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The Cell: Passive Transport Diffusion

In this animated object, learners view molecules as they collide and move between two different solutions. They also observe what happens when the temperature of the solutions is raised or lowered.
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11/6/2013 this is so boring luis daniel

7/21/2009 it was wonderful

12/6/2007 This website really rocked !!!

11/6/2007 I really like this.

9/8/2007 This website was truly amazing! I do not think I could have scored 98% on my final biology exam! Buy it, this will pretty much garantee a higher grade on your next test!!!

12/20/2006 This is very helpful! I have a test coming up and this is the PERFECT study tool!

5/8/2006 It blew my mind. I cant believe how much one person can learn from such a simple little average good though site thingy.

3/15/2006 good

3/15/2006 mmmm

2/13/2006 This review talks about the osmosis?net diffusion.Its interesting

11/17/2005 good lesson for learners with high vocabulary

10/7/2005 I thought your web page was outstanding. I really enjoyed it.

2/7/2005 This learning system that was created is very creative and it helps you understand what diffusion is really about.

1/17/2005 I really liked this activity. It helped me to visualize transport in cells. Thanks!

1/1/2005 Your site is absolutely AMAZING! I cannot wait to use it with my students. I teach 7th grade, and although some of the material is a bit above thier realm of knowledge, I am nonetheless going to expose them to it, because it is great material. Kudos to you for making such a great website! Lisa Chojnacki 7th Grade Science Teacher Fitzgerald Middle School Pinellas Park, FL

11/30/2004 This review helped me score a 96% on my biology test!

9/8/2004 Interesting! I like the moving graphics.

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