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Ascending Tract: The Posterior White Columns

In this animated activity, learners view the pathways and functions of the fasciculus gracilis and the fasciculus cuneatus.
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3/27/2010 Thank you it was very helpful as a student. One step at a time is great. Julie Huggins

11/25/2008 really ,it;s excelent

4/29/2008 Very informative and the illustrations are great. I would have liked to see the funiculi described in this explination. Great questions at the end! Thank you so much for the help!! Sara Hamilton

1/3/2008 It is wonderful! Thanks a million!

6/1/2007 Absolutely brilliant, step by step guide, very logical build up of information!!!

3/7/2006 it is good just 4 audit maybe u can add some more question that might help in understanding overall it is A ok

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