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Muscle Cell Contraction

In this animated activity, learners examine muscle cell contraction and relaxation and consider the role of calcium ions.
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6/4/2009 this is very usefull!! mingyang zu

2/2/2009 Excellent! This animation really helped me see how it all works--its difficult to comprehend the workings of something so tiny, this really helped make it clear! Thanks! Jenny Midbrod

9/13/2008 study in detailes of muscle contraction and note and identified to how muscle action

3/12/2007 Excellent, this was very easy to understand. THANKS!!!

7/16/2006 Great, it is very cool AWESOME AWESOME AWESOMW!!!

7/5/2006 estan muy interesantes las animaciones me permitiran hacer una buena exposicion para aprob ar mi asignatura. como las descargo?

2/23/2006 I felt it made things easier to understand.I should of known about this website sooner...

5/19/2005 This learning activity helped make the muscle unit much more clear. I wish I had looked at this earlier in the semester.

4/27/2005 Very nice & helpful. I am in A&P1, and whoa, let me say that animations really help

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