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The Fungi Kingdom: Common Characteristics of Fungi

Learners examine what defines a fungus and read how fungi differ from animals and plants.
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11/7/2012 This soooooooo helps with my bio project... Thx! Olivia Sterk

4/11/2012 This website is helping me do alot of projects lashunda weatherall

8/4/2011 what a good helping site pls keep on loading the info it helps us a lot i lv it!#excited# gugu kubheka

5/2/2011 Very Good! Thanks! Jaime Vieira

12/17/2009 this is a very good web site. thanks for having it

10/12/2009 This is brilliant i very much recomend this to who ever has science homework.

6/11/2009 Thank you very much. This helped me a lot on my big project. You put a lot of effort into this. I really liked the illustrations and thank you once again.

5/3/2009 This website was very precise about its knowledge of fungi. I needed quick, easy to understand, essential information. The visuals were a definite plus. The site made learning about fungus interesting, Thank you soooooo much.

3/16/2009 This helped me alot for my project!!!!! I could undestand everything and thanks to you I may have no trouble at all earning my A+.

2/9/2009 easy to understand and interesting. pictures make it fun

2/5/2009 Hey, thanks alot for the info it was a great slide show. im sure if any other students my age could find this they too would be gratefull. very helpfull, thanks

10/7/2008 know i know about fungi so thankyou creater

8/1/2008 This was a really good slide show. I learned more from this than I did from my college text book, have you made any other ones?

6/1/2007 OMG! This site totally rocks! It Helped me so much on my Biology! I so love who ever made this!

4/25/2007 hey i appreciate this helped on bio homework keep it up

2/11/2007 Except matter for my exam of Phytopathology, this site is also very usefull for me to exercise my English (I`m from Slovenia). I wanted to rate your work, but I thought that you must go star by star to achieve a higher mark. But it surprisigly breaked by first star. So I gave you mark Poor instead Outstanding! Salute!

6/8/2006 I like your presentation. Please send me samples like this, I can use it in my soil microbiology class. Thanks.

3/31/2006 This helped me so much on a powerpoint that I had to do. I wouldnt of found half of this information if this wasnt here. Thanks.

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