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Barriers to Effective Listening

Learners examine the seven most common barriers to effective listening and consider suggestions for how to overcome these barriers. This interactive object contains audio.
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11/11/2009 Awesome,awesome,awesome! This learning object really help me to focus on areas that are causing me to not be a very good listener. I appreciate this learning object for improving my listening skills!! Thanks You!

6/15/2009 What a great on-line tool and easily adaptable to a wide ranging audience

4/16/2009 I am a seminar presenter and this is an excellent tool online. Wow! That is my comment and highly recommend this sight. It is exciting to participate. Thanks Mr. Kerry Austin

9/16/2008 this is fantastic way of presenting this type of topic in a moderate but rich way. it was grateful for me .thanks.

8/6/2008 This was one of the best exercise that i ever had before on the topic of barrier to effective listening. We should go ahead to preach such useful things for sure to the people who are not aware of this. Wonderful presentation

1/29/2007 As an assessment trainer I am often assaulted by teachers in my workshops over the consequences of assessment. This was a great reminder to me on why the messenger often receives the negative emotional feedback from teachers who may not yet understand the purposes and appropriate uses of assessment results within their school systems. Professors often respond negatively for many of the same reasons. I guess Ill have to accept it as an occupational hazard. Great presentation here! Jerrie Brown

1/24/2007 I cant agree more because I discovered that several time I had experienced some of these these barriers myself. Thank you so much I can now readjust and hopefully make a good listner out of myself. Immediately, I am going to share it with as many friends as possible and also in meeting when I get the opportunity. Thanks again and may God bless you.

1/18/2007 Content was excellent. I liked the interactive processes - they kept me focused on each screen. Also reminded me of the importance of being an effective speaker in lecture learning environments.

1/15/2007 Very well thought out. Good advice and info. I will share this with my students in class! Randy Lorge

1/15/2007 Good information presented in an appealing way, but pauses between screens were much too long. Students should be able to click next as soon as theyre ready. claire bennion

1/15/2007 Nice job Therese, I will use this in my assertive class, as it compliments a video I show called the art of listening... great job. Ann Jadin

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