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Data Flow on the Internet

Learners read an explanation, in non-technical terms, of how the content of a data file is broken into packets and transmitted over the Internet to a destination computer.
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9/20/2008 Great visual explanation of the material. I just wish that I had these when I took Networking class. Thank you for reinforcing my knowledge. april mitchell

4/12/2008 This is a wonderful way to demonstrate how data flows to and from a computer. By using the way traffic flows and police, it allows people to have more of a visual when thinking about data packets, how the data flows and what can cause slow downs. Kristan Gochenauer

1/15/2008 The internet flow of information is still so amazing to me. Technology today is always changing and growing. Its awesome how sending information through little pockets can get across the world so fast!

11/4/2007 This was a fantastic learning lesson. This was the first time it was explained using cars and quite easy to understand. I wish all things could be explained this simple to understand.

10/20/2007 Excellent explanation of information transmission. It was easy to understand and remember, and the written explanations tied in with the pictures to create a "memory" highway in my brain. I look forward to more of your work.

9/13/2007 I liked the graphics in this site, and can see why the analogy of the internet being a "super highway" is often used. It will never fail to boggle my mind how such an unfathomable amount of information can pass over the internet with such speed. Even though there are times when it is bogged down, information is still exchanged rapidly. We become so accustomed to having everything come to us in an instant, that even waiting a minute or two, seems like an eternity.

7/1/2007 I enjoyed this very much. I was very impressed on how easy it was to learn more about how the internet works and what it does. Thank you!

7/1/2007 I learned quiet a bit in such a short segment. I wish that all assignments were like this one.

2/26/2006 I thought this article on internet traffic and was interesting. I loved the sound effects. I now know that information travels in packets and the speed of delivery is contingent on how many people are on the internet at the same time. If there are a lot of peolple, the speed will be slower. The information travels in packets. Information can take different routes to get to your computer. The network acts as a traffic cop.

1/18/2006 That was alot of informataion in a small reviewing activity i enjoyed it thank you so much for taking the time to create it,it was very infromitive. ^__^ nate.

2/1/2005 I found this learning session to be very informative and the set up was easy to follow.

1/18/2005 I thought it was a very good presentation. But it could have used a few more examples.

11/1/2004 My main problems with this Learning object are: 1) too much text - people don't read on the computer screen - I would imagine that most students who encountered this learning object would simply keep clicking the Next arrow and not read the text. 2) Poor graphic design. It looks amateurish. 3) Dated content, e.g. no-one has called the Internet an "Information Superhighway" since Al Gore in 1998.

9/12/2004 An interesting material for internet-curious adult and k-12 learners.

8/27/2004 I think the learning object would be better if there is an evaluation part at the end of the lesson to check if the learner or user was able to understand the concept. I hope to see the revised version soon.

5/25/2004 A very good illustration of information flow through the internet. I plan to use this with my computer literacy as well as Principles of Information System classes. Ravi Kallianpur ravi@selu.edu

10/2/2003 I thought this learning object was interesting and informative and the sounds, etc kept my attention.

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