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Calculating Board Feet

Learners review the process for calculating board feet and use virtual samples to practice the process.
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9/30/2009 Enjoyed your site. will use it during presentations to school grups that I lead on Forestry and particularly community forestry, where utlizing wood waste from our community trees is a priority from which we can teach students the importance of wood utilization even within thier own communites.

10/21/2008 Wow, i really thought this was a very good tutorial

11/2/2007 This was an EXCELLENT review for measuring board feet. I had forgotten the formula and refreshed myself in 5 mins with this website, Good job you made it dummy proof !!! Semper Fi

8/21/2007 I always teach and tell my students that the dimensions of a board are always in this order, thickness, width and length. The board foot formula should reflect that in this modual. A very good visual explaination of the board foot calculations. Plan on using it in my classroon this year. Ralph Hermanson

10/22/2004 Excellent lesson. I plan to use it in my classroom.

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