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The Thevenin Theorem

This animated object allows students to examine the four steps used to reduce a complex circuit to a simple series circuit.
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1/25/2014 It so good and really have a great effective in my learning.Thanks for having this website in order to help me and let me have a good understanding in my Electrical engineering subject ... Ting Ting

3/27/2013 Thank you very much . I can now understand the karnaugh maps khotso ramoreboli

12/1/2012 Really, it's good. Now i can understand thevenin theory easily. mustakim billah

4/1/2010 Done nice, but some again detail was needed, in easier manner!!!! But then also thanX Palash Madakwar

11/6/2009 fantastic , masterpiece thanks to former

11/22/2008 thevenins theorem isnt easy to understand. these slides make this topic as easy to understand as possible. thank you very much! are there more slides of this type?

11/16/2008 Thanks so much for this example...now it makes sense.

11/10/2008 excellent stuff

10/26/2008 You have very easy and simple notes on Thevenin Theorem and it is so easy for fresh students of electronics. THANK YOU sop pos

9/27/2008 Have visited a lot of sites today. Yours is the first to make it understandable . thank you!

7/23/2008 good

4/16/2008 Thanks! It made the subject easier to swallow!

4/1/2008 Thank you very much. I never understood how this whole thevenin thing works, but thanks to this few pages Im pretty sure, that I can make the thevenin questions on the next test tomorrow :)

1/20/2008 outstanding.... dheepak sreedharan

12/18/2007 this programme is really good it will help student to be more knowledgeable.

11/20/2007 p send soft copy

10/28/2007 I find this extremely helpful although you might want to program this to provide a different circuit every time.

10/5/2007 Very helpful and demonstrative material.

8/18/2007 hi your sit is very helpful thanks for helping us.

5/13/2007 Thank you very very much. At last some clear explanation of the Thevenins eq. Great job guys!

4/10/2007 it is very helpful material. wonderful teaching style. please add topics in different area of subjects. Thanks, -- Thomas Abebe

2/25/2007 very nice

12/17/2006 I think that its very usefull and interesting. Well Done!!!

9/25/2006 this power point is a simple and to easy for student understood

11/23/2004 Excellent!

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