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Karnaugh Maps

Learners examine the Karnaugh map for a three-variable system. Several examples are given.
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10/15/2013 I do appreciate the nice people in charge of this site, very useful source to make use. Thank you from IRAN. Amin Shamsollahi

1/11/2013 Well done, but it would be helpfull to have the original expression that is being reduced to simplest terms. Brian Ward

2/5/2012 I thought this was excellent. Thank you so much ! I was looking online at many other explanations and none were as direct and natural as this one. Christopher Ruth

9/22/2009 The explanation is excellent,but it needs to show when to choose the OR gate and why, also the same explanation needs to be done for the AND gate.

12/11/2007 Thanks alot that was simple,and easy to understand, and follow, and also helped me to figure out how to k map much easier. Thanks again!

7/14/2007 Thank you this helped me a lot.

2/7/2007 very good, thanks

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