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Dietary Manager Training: Documenting the Nutrition Care Process

Learners read about the S.O.A.P. and D.A.R. formats that are used to document progress notes in medical records. They then match statements to S.O.A.P. and D.A.R. categories in drag-and-drop exercises.
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11/15/2006 My name is Mira. I come from Indonesia. I am a lecturer assistant in Nutrition Health at medical Faculty at Brawijaya University.I think documenting the Nutritional Care Process is necessary to our profession. In our country documenting the NCP is the new thing. So, we need more information about that. If you dont mind can you help me to solve our problem. Thank you very much.

11/7/2005 Very insightful, into what actually takes place.

9/17/2005 I liked this i would have loved more quizing

11/6/2004 Following SOAP is a good guide to track and line up information for a care plan.

4/19/2004 These are a great learning tool. Keep these coming for the future on-line learners.

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