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Dietary Manager Training: Diabetes

Students read about the different types of diabetes and the treatment methods available.
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3/29/2010 a very useful piece of information. thanks abrar hussain

12/4/2007 very good-Excellent

3/20/2006 This was very helpful! Thank-you

4/24/2005 Good information

11/19/2004 This was a nice review for everyone with diabetes. I know it opened my eyes to see things on black and white.

10/26/2004 Very nice refresher for diabetes.

10/12/2004 I found this information to be direct and informative. Working in a health care facility, diabetic diets are a fact of life. In the years that I have been in this area, I think we have had an increase in the ratio of residents afflicted with diabetes.

11/22/2003 Brief but thorough outline of the extent of diabetes amoung the population. Breakdown of the major types of diabetes and the appropriate treatment plans are precise and logical. Whats more they are manageable and focus on eating healthfully and exercising regularly and also emphasize the patients role in treating and managing their own disease.

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